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Options & Special Order Plates

Contact us to order options and plates not shown on this website. Due to technical details, discussion by telephone is usually the most accurate and efficient method.

Click here for a current list of honing plate engine applications. Many of the applications listed are special order by phone, or email only and are not currently available on this website, due to technical details of those engine applications.

The following Options can be ordered with virtually any BHJ Honing Plate...

Special Bore Diameters: Part number suffix - S
Standard bore diameter for most honing plates is .090" over the largest standard engine bore diameter found in the specific engine family. Any special diameter may be machined in the plate (may void warranty in some extreme big-bore applications).

Heat-Treated Inserts Installed: Part number suffix - T
Heat-treated Steel Inserts (T-washers) can be installed in the top surface of the plate for each head bolt hole, resulting in increased durability and longevity. Included as standard equipment in Aluminum and Production Model plates, Inserts are also beneficial in cast iron R and CB Model plates.

Threaded Steel Inserts: Part number suffix - TI
Threaded Steel Inserts (helicoils) are available for added durability in aluminum or cast iron plates with threaded bolt holes, like Cylinder Head torque plates.

Heat Treated Spacers: Part number suffix - HT
The steel bolt hole spacers, supplied with most R Model plates, may be heat-treated for increased durability.

O-Ring and Receiver Grooves: Part number suffix - O
O-Ring or receiver grooves are available in the deck surface of the honing plate, to more closely simulate the bore distortion induced by a cylinder head with similar machining. Customer must supply O-Ring groove outside diameter, width and depth when ordering.

Dialed In Dowels: Part number suffix - DID
All standard honing plates are machined with oversized locator dowel-pin holes to allow for honing plate bore alignment over the typically misaligned bores of any given factory block. The Dialed In Dowel option includes dowel pin locator holes which are on-size to the dowel pin and in the exact relationship to the bores, as per the factory specifications. This option allows the plate to be used for bore layout during the boring operation. It is important to realize that bores located in this manner will only be as correct as the dowel pin location they are referenced from in any given block.

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